Possession of Controlled Substances

Texas law organizes drugs into four different classifications that define the penalties depending on how much is found. You are in possession if you are physically holding drugs or if you can control them in any way. When a drug is found in your home, vehicle, or within your reach, you may in possession.

Reasonable Defense

Drug possession is at least a misdemeanor crime. The lightest penalty is a fine of up to $500. More often, those convicted face at least 180 days in jail or more. Large quantities of a drug suggest intent to distribute the substance and crimes are classified as a felony that can be punished with a lengthy prison sentence.

Severity of Penalties

A skilled El Paso criminal defense attorney will be able to help if you are facing charges. Knowledge of the substance is required to prove possession. If you were unaware of the drug or if it has been approved for trial usage by the FDA, charges can be dismissed. Addiction is not a valid legal defense.

A conviction of drug possession has additional consequences. It can be harder for you to find work and to find housing to rent. If you are facing a drug related charge, make sure you contact an attorney right away to discuss your options before settling with the district attorney's office.